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TRIDEX platform makes earning on cryptocurrency possible for everyone.

Tridex Group LTD is a multifunction online platform based on Artificial Inteligence with a wide range of actual services in the cryptocurrency market.

Nowdays company earn on trading and allows to earn on trading passively its investors. Automated elements of trading on cryptocurrency, asset management, Risk Management based on the cutting-edge AI, and Fast Payment Order Delivery protocol allows our investors to earn daily 2% for 100 days.

The platform is already developing its own exchange and provide initial token offering (ICO) which let simple investors to become a co-owner of Tridex Group LTD with the same laws as developers and receive dividends from all working products of the company, namely Tridex Trade Platform and Tridex Exchange Platform.

Team of technical developers, traders and analytics with more than 6 years of experience who know capital management industry inside-out, made the platform not only stable for the market in modern realities, but also convenient for use from a beginners, minor crypto investors to professional capital managers.

TRIDEX is a wide range of intelligent solutions covering all aspects of stable, passive earnings on cryptocurrency processes in just a few clicks!

Main Office

We are currently hiring telegram staff,senior and expert project managers, system administrators with proven track record in launched crypto projects.

Melvin Buck

General Partner, Founder

"Now we have opened the possibility of making serious money on cryptocurrencies for everyone." Melvin is responsible for the strategy and long-term vision of the project. Has 8 years of management experience. Sets a clear vector of development and effectively implements the company plans.

Olivia Benson

Customer Service Representative (Director)

"Each client is valuable to us. We listen to feedback and respond quickly to inquiries." Olivia is a master at building customer relationships. Has 7 years of experience. Her department understands the needs of customers well and quickly responds to user requests.

Jack Andrews

Managing Partner, Founder

"I am convinced that investing in the cryptocurrency market is unlimited income opportunities." Jack is a business consultant with 6 years of experience. Comprehensively understands blockchain technology in as a whole and gives practical advice on scaling and development of the project.

Thomas Evans

Marketing & Sales Manager

"Tridex offers the most favorable conditions for increasing your capital." Thomas is an expert in blockchain marketing with 5 years of experience. Has all the necessary business skills for the quality promotion and scaling of blockchain projects.

Charlie Gibbs

Head of Trading Department

"We make it easier for our customers to realize their goals and objectives, making their life better." Charlie has rich experience not only in trading and managing assets in traditional markets, but has been successfully trading crypto assets for the past 4 years.

Harry Ward

Head of Analytical Department

"Reliability and stability is the foundation on which we build investor relations." Harry is a genius of analytics. He carefully studies information and, based on data, accepts solutions stably giving results. He has 5 years of experience and hundreds of successful transactions.

How TRIDEX Works



Get Profit in a Way Convenient for You

Platform Work

Trade, Purchase of Assets by Our Funds

Profit Taking,
Closing Deals

Transfer Income to Your Internal Account

Best Trading Solutions

Complete diversification with AI optimization of your investments get constantly high profit by investing acceptable money without risk.

Invest Now

TX Token and Allocation

TX Token released on the Ethereum platform with the ERC20 standard. This will ensure security of the transactions, compatibility with the third-party services and will provide seamless and easy integration.

At first our token will be tradable on our own Exchange, and after on major exchanges to provide the best possible trading option to all adopters. It is primary purpose is getting maximum profit with the most favorable conditions for the platform investors and traders. TX token holders will be receiving stable dividends from Tridex Trading Platform (20% of profit from 2020 Q3) and Tridex Exchange Platform (50% of profit from 2021 Q3)

All unsold tokens will be burned and after the initial token offering, step by step, 20% of the tokens will be bought back by the developers and burned it also.



Amount:0.04322 BTC

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