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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can become an investor in TRIDEX?

Any adult and legally competent user can open a profitable deposit in TRIDEX using the online investment platform.

2. What investment solution does Tridex offer?

3 investment plans is now available. 2% daily for 100 days, 3.33% daily for 60 days, 4% daily for 50 days. The main investment amount is included in daily payments.

3. What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount that a participant can make?

The minimum investment amount is $5, 0.000519 BTC, 0.118 ETH, 0.555 LTC, 125 XRP, 1644 TRX, 0.376 XMR, 0.329 DASH, 10000 DOGE.

The maximum investment amount is $100000, 10 BTC, 300 ETH, 2000 LTC, 500000 XRP, 6500000 TRX, 1500 XMR, 1300 DASH, 40000000 DOGE.

4. What is the minimum amount you can withdraw from the project?

You can create a request for withdrawal as soon as your minimum balance is in the amount of usd - 1, BTC - 0.0001, ETH - 0.0478, XRP - 45.66, LTC - 0.21, TRX - 614, XMR - 0.1634, DASH - 0.124 , DOGE - 4000.

5. Which payment system can be used for withdrawing the profit made in the project?

The withdrawal is available on the payment system with which the deposit was made.

6. Is a commission charged for the operations of replenishment and withdrawal?

There are no commissions from the project side, but they can be withdrawn from the payment systems.

7. How often is profit accrued/withdraw?

Income is accrued daily for 100 days. The first charge you will receive in 24 hours after the creation of the investment.Withdrawals are instant. Withdrawals accruals only on that payment processor you made investmrnt before.

8. Can I reinvest profits?

Yes. You can reinvest profits. In your account in the Output section, select the payment system with which you want to create an investment and click on the Reinvest button.

9. Is it possible to withdraw the investment body ahead of schedule?

Yes, this feature is implemented on the platform. The investment body can be withdrawn after the 10th investment accrual within 24 hours. Early withdrawal fee is 15%.

For example, you invest 1000 dollars at 3.33% daily. After 10 accruals, you received a total of $ 333 and the function of withdrawing the investment body will open for 24 hours until the next charge. By clicking the early withdrawal button, you will receive another $ 517.

Thus, you will receive $ 850 in total ($ 333 accruals + $ 517 part of the investment) from $ 1000 of your initial investment.

1. Do users of the project have the opportunity to earn money on an affiliate program?

We offer our clients the opportunity to cooperate with us not only as investors, but also as partners.

2. Does an affiliate program participant need a personal deposit?

Affiliate program is available immediately after registration, it is not necessary to have a deposit.

3. What is the amount of Affiliate Reward?

Build a career without investment, earn 10% -2% -1% on an affiliate commission with 3 levels.

4. Can I withdraw my Affiliate Program Reward?

Yes, you can withdraw to the wallet or invest to obtain a stable passive income.

1. What is Tridex Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Tridex Cryptocurrency Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.Low fees combined with our security features and high liquidity makes us one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms available.

2. In which countries is Tridex Cryptocurrency Exchange available?

Tridex Cryptocurrency Exchange is available worldwide, however, countries listed below cannot trade on our exchange just yet. Tridex Cryptocurrency Exchange is available worldwide, however, countries listed below cannot trade on our exchange just yet.

3. What is TX Token?

TX Token is a cryptocurrency built on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. The maximum number of tokens is set to 100,000,000 TX (subject to reduction of supply). It is a proven and fully adaptable technology as well as the open source code which provides secure, easy and fast transfers. We are also prepared for the emergency situation- in case when main network fail, we will provide the opportunity to update the token software.

4. What dividends will TX token holders receive?

TX token holders will be receiving stable dividends from Tridex Trading Platform (20% of profit from 2020 Q3) and Tridex Exchange Platform (50% of profit from 2021 Q3)

5. What will be the speculative value of the TX Token within two years?

Taking into account the above factors as well as historical data, one can speculate that the price of TX Token in the next two years may bring several dozen or even several hundred percent of the profit on the tokens themselves as speculative units.

6. Where and when will I be able to trade TX Token?

Initial trade is be possible on the current sales platform and after the sales event, it will be introduced to our Tridex Exchange platform within 30 days after release.

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