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Launch of Tridex Online Platform

By Tridex Group Limited

We are pleased to announce that as part of the planned expansion of activities, Tridex Group will announce new product - an automated online platform that will bring together all interested parties: both successful managing traders of the company, and investors from various countries of the world, wanting a stable source of income.

We have created a unique investment product based on artificial intelligence and own time tested strategies.

Technical features of the Tridex online platform:

- A fully automated system of stable daily earnings;

- A large selection of ways to replenish and withdraw funds in various cryptocurrencies;

- Fast payments to any payment method;

- Work with cryptocurrencies without any conversions;

- Motivating affiliate program. 10% from all deposits of your first line. You can start building a career at Tridex without your own investments;

- Bonus program. 9, 999 Satoshi and 30 TX coins at registration for each user;

- The minimum amount for investment is only $ 5 in equivalent (relevant for BTC);

- Maximum protection of the site of the online platform, user data and payments;

- An 24 hours support department.

 We are confident that the planned expansion of the company’s activities will give an impetus to its further development, create the ability to scale worldwide and bring the Tridex brand to

new level.

Tridex Group - stable growth of your capital with daily payouts !



New abilities opened !

By Tridex Group Limited

The Tridex Platform is developing as planned and we have great news for you.

PRE-ICO START! From today you can purchase a Tridex global ecosystem token in your account and earn big money from increasing the cost of the token and on dividends.

We confidently make Tridex a global, stable and technological project capable of revolutionizing the crypto - market. Given these facts, it can be assumed that the price of a TX token in the near future can bring several hundred or even several thousand percent of the profit from the coins themselves as speculative units. And this is just one of the possibilities!

TX token holders will be receiving stable dividends from Tridex Trading Platform (20% of profit from 2020 Q3) and Tridex Exchange Platform (50% of profit from 2021 Q3).

In the first round of ICO, the most favorable price for buying a token. The number of tokens is limited! Join now and become a co-owner of a strong company with a long-term development vector.

Bounty Campaign Launched! This is a product of the Tridex platform, designed for our popularization in the global market. Performing easy tasks, you can already begin to receive regular token and cash rewards, which can be used both for investment purposes and for withdrawing to your wallet!

You can find more yourself with all the details and bonuses of Bounty Campaign in your personal account. Complete simple tasks and get cash rewards!

Tridex - a global platform with a new approach to profitable and long-term investments!




By Tridex Group Limited

+ Partner Program 2.0

+ Russian Language

+ Payeer Added

Profitable earning opportunities, instant payments, quick feedback are the key factors that make Tridex products more and more popular every day.

Our team is constantly working on improvements that are useful and convenient for our users around the world.

Cool News:

+ Updated affiliate program. Earn 10% -2% -1% affiliate commission from 3 levels without the personal investment.

+ Now the platform is available in RUSSIAN and it will be easier for our Russian-speaking partners to build their work.

+ Added PAYEER payment system . A minimum investment is available from $ 5. Minimum withdrawal from $ 1.

Investments, promotions and stable income become even more convenient!

Do not miss our ongoing Bounty program where you can receive additional bonuses (in dollars and tokens) by doing simple actions.

Join now:



60% of Profit for Customers. 30 Days of Stable Work Online.

By Tridex Group Limited

🌍 Tridex Group LTD confidently developing according the roadmap and is becoming more popular every day.

30 days of stable and well-coordinated work brought 60% profit for the first customers.

People from all over the world are showing interest in our products and are already receiving regular daily profit. We, in turn, work hard to improve the functionality of the platform and introduce useful changes for the convenience of our customers.

Report for 30 days:

✅ ICO Round 1 started!

Already purchased more than 100,000 tokens. Soon, due to roadmap, token owners will receive their first dividends! Do not forget, on the first stage the best buy price.

✅ Updated affiliate program.

Earn 10% -2% -1% affiliate commission from 3 levels without personal investment.

✅ Now the platform is available in Russian.

✅ Added payment systems as Perfect Money, Payeer.

A minimum investment is available from $ 5. Minimum withdrawal from $ 1.

✅ An official group has been created in Telegram, where you can see reviews of other customers and ask any question. Join now if you haven’t done it yet!

Join Now:

🎁Bounty program launched. Do simple actions and gain rewards in dollars and tokens.

🏆 Bounty Campaign Fund: $ 10,000 & TX Tokens 10,000,000




Platform Security Upgrade

By Tridex Group Limited

🌐 Tridex Group LTD platform is developing steadily fulfilling its plans.

♻️ From today, the technical department has further strengthened the protection on our website by entering into cooperation with Cloudflare, one of the world’s leading security providers.

✅ Now the platform includes enhanced security for transferring customer data and payments due to EV SSL encryption.

🔝 Cloudflare provided powerful protection against DDoS attacks of any level. Cloudflare software withstood an attack with a capacity of 400 Gbit / s - this is the third in the world in terms of attack volume.

📆 The planned update of the protection system made the Tridex platform as stable as possible. Collaboration with us has become even more reliable and safer!

✅ Tridex Group LTD is a legal platform with a long-term development vector.




By Tridex Group Limited

🌍Tridex is a stable growing crypto platform generating profit on cryptocurrency trading. We are with you making Tridex a global, stable and technological platform capable of revolutionizing the investment market and provide constant, stable profit for our customers.

👌First powerful results! 50 days of stable and well-coordinated work brought 100% profit for the first customers in Trade Invest Program (invest and earn passively 2% daily for 100 days).


✅ Customers: 8007

✅ Invested in Trade Invest Program: $ 41794

✅ TX Tokens sold: 508 576

The platform is at the very beginning of its development. Already in the 3rd quarter 2020 there will be launched:

1️⃣ Free online mining

2️⃣ Staking for owners of TX tokens

3️⃣ Expansion of the bounty of tasks

❗️Remind that TX token holders will be receiving stable weekly dividends from 3rd quarter 2020. Hurry to take part in the Pre-ICO. The number of tokens is limited!

Tridex Group Limited - together to the moon !



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Register now and get your Bonus! Fund: 10 BTC & 1,000,000 TX Tokens