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By Tridex Group Limited

The Tridex Platform is developing as planned and we have great news for you.

PRE-ICO START! From today you can purchase a Tridex global ecosystem token in your account and earn big money from increasing the cost of the token and on dividends.

We confidently make Tridex a global, stable and technological project capable of revolutionizing the crypto - market. Given these facts, it can be assumed that the price of a TX token in the near future can bring several hundred or even several thousand percent of the profit from the coins themselves as speculative units. And this is just one of the possibilities!

TX token holders will be receiving stable dividends from Tridex Trading Platform (20% of profit from 2020 Q3) and Tridex Exchange Platform (50% of profit from 2021 Q3).

In the first round of ICO, the most favorable price for buying a token. The number of tokens is limited! Join now and become a co-owner of a strong company with a long-term development vector.

Bounty Campaign Launched! This is a product of the Tridex platform, designed for our popularization in the global market. Performing easy tasks, you can already begin to receive regular token and cash rewards, which can be used both for investment purposes and for withdrawing to your wallet!

You can find more yourself with all the details and bonuses of Bounty Campaign in your personal account. Complete simple tasks and get cash rewards!

Tridex - a global platform with a new approach to profitable and long-term investments!

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